Winterize Your Running Shoes The Inexpensive Way: Add Traction with Screws! Sage Running Tips


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    1. My winterization this years consisted in taking the shorts and T-shirts back from the drawer. 13-15C… and this is Northern Europe (Holland).

      On the one hand it's nice, but on the other is kinda scary as the lack of winter frost is affecting the rodent population and if the predators can't keep up with them they may eventually erode our dams and dykes and that is far from fun.

      And training in snow and ice is certainly a welcome change to our rather boring weather (a little sun and a lot of rain).

    2. I've been managing with my Salomons so far but sliding, slipping and shuffle sidestepping quite a bit on the ice and slush, I considered hobnails (online) which I thought were rather pricey, I couldn't find those 3/8 screws at hardware stores here. Yesterday I ordered a pair of metal studded running shoes so I won't fall and die…..I still want to try this when I find those screws. Thanks for the info and all your great videos!