Why Kyrie Irving Will Win NBA Scoring Title in 2017-18


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    1. Players have bonuses built-in to their contract based off being the scoring champ & etc., the media just fell-in-love with Russell Westbrook based off a statistic ( Triple-Doubles).
      It would be totally biased to all of the sudden diminish the importance of individual awards.
      Owners have agreed to put these achievements into contact bonuses.

    2. Okay, now I know why you didn't want to do an analysis of IT vs Kyrie or Kyrie vs the other top PGs. lol You have a secret crush on Kyrie. lol No worries, I'll do them myself to let folks know that, at least to date, Kyrie is way overrated and overpaid. Don't get me wrong. It may sound like I'm a Kyrie or Celtic hater, but I'm not. I am still stinging about that trade that I believe could have allowed us to actually start perhaps another dynasty here in Boston. It's amazing how nobody else really seems to see where all the hidden value is in today's NBA. It's easily in these 1st round picks, and especially at the very top. Almost every one of next year's top 5 or even 10 (and even some middle and end of 1st round ) picks are going to be better than the average NBA player, but for only a fraction of the cost. And, that value will only increase over time as more and more foreign leagues get better and better and as NBA execs get to know the foreign players better and better and also when the league starts to allow Zero and Done high school kids. I'm sure people are going to start seeing as early as the latter half of this year when some of these studs coming out this year show what they can do. I think people are going to be shocked to see how good they are and how much of an impact guys like Lonzo, Dennis Smith, Fultz, Josh Jackson, Fox, Lauri, Isaac and more will have. Nice video. And, I actually agree with you that he will have a pretty good shot at it with an even better passing team to support him than IT had. A definite possibility.