Why Do People Go Streaking? (Run Around Without Clothes)


    Why would anyone want to run around without clothes? Why do people go streaking in general? Onision Channel: http://youtube.com/onision Onision Speaks: …



    1. As someone who's gone streaking more than once (both drunk AND sober, and in various types of weather), I can say this with all certainty: you do NOT want to have a hard-on when streaking. Think about it: your junk is already fragile enough, despite having filled with blood. Having it bump and knock about would cripple damn near any male (gay or straight), so it's better if it's not erect. You're already doing something a good portion of "Americans" find unfunny (read: they're pussies). No point in hurting yourself whilst you're at it.

    2. The human body is something normal and natural. Don't be afraid to see it. We all have genitals. That's normal and not disgusting or horrible. Being naked is actually natural, wearing clothes is actually unnatural. We weren't born with clothes on! XD People are making a big fuss over nothing.

    3. Onision the thing is that we have children, and most parents don't want to show their kids some guy/girl naked. On top of that, we don't really wanna see people naked in public, yeah maybe in private, but I doubt I'm gonna get any enjoyment out of an average person naked in public, if anything it'll disgust.
      While you think you should be able to go naked in public, a lot of people don't want to see your naked body.