Vivobarefoot EVO III barefoot running shoe review


    Vivobarefoot EVO III Review Barefoot running and lifestyle shoes. Amazingly comfortable, and flexible. The durability is excellent, you can expect a long life out …



    1. Hi. Actually the whole structure differs in the two shoes. The sole is similar in feeling. Also the Evo feels like a heavier shoe, but the difference in weight is insignificant. I recommend you to try out the evo-lite. ThAt is my favorite in the vivo line. But honestly, I do not really like any of them for running, as much as I do my inov 8 bare x or trailroc shoes.

    2. Hi James. The EVO is a very very thin soled shoe, so you have the barefoot feel straight away. There is no midsole. However the shoe is made on a way that it can be used with or without insole, as there or no rough stitching or anything what would bother you. You can go with no insole and no-sock. I do so, when I am doing form training on the track. Otherwise for walking on concrete or running in the city, I prefer the insole in, just for comfort.

    3. Hi Doug, same experience here about the comfort, no issues what so ever; you can race in them straight out of the box. Actually I have the opposite feeling about the outsole, I have many Vivo shoes with the traditional outsole, like the aqua, dylan or the ra, also my girl has the lucy, and the outsole smooths out very fast. I literally walked a hole on my dylan's sole in just one summer. The EVO IIIs have a great outsole – in my opinion.

    4. I typically run in the Evo II. I pulled a new pair of Evo III's out of the box, put them on and ran 10 miles in them without feeling any hot spots — not even the typical "breaking your shoes in" kind of thing. If anything, the soles seem to be wearing down a little faster than the II's.