The TRUTH Behind NBA Knee Injuries & How To Help Prevent Them


    This video was inspired by the By Any Means Basketball channel. When we talk about injuries in the NBA, we say it’s bad luck most of the time or maybe some …



    1. If you liked this video please go and watch the original from the channel By Any Means Basketball to give them credit since this guy didn't shout them out by name and only put a link in the bottom of the description they do other great in depth videos and their attention to detail vids are great

    2. I sometimes get made fun of for running on forefoot while hooping they like to say tippy toe an ballet but u was into jogging about 4 years ago and learned that it helps to take away impact and after kind of mastering the technique I could never run on my heel it feels incredibly awkward and I feel way more impact plus I feel it slows my momentum. forefoot for life

    3. Reason for knew injury? It’s when you use too much force from your legs while jumping. A for e far greater than what it should be, putting so much pressure on the knee as jumping is a big contraction of your leg and thigh muscles and the brute release of the force for a higher jump.
      It’s hard for me to explain it but I have the same injury. Both my legs are ruined thanks to when I was in college and all the dunks I used to do. Unfortunately, I’m not hier rich athletes so I just changed sport. Now I only play tennis.