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The Sneakers of Star Trek Discovery


In the sixth episode of the first season of the new Star Trek series: Discovery, we see mutiny-turned-science-officer Michael Burnham and cadet Tilly lapping around the Discovery in a trendy “Disco” t-shirt.

Disco Running Front

If you are a nerd like me, both for sci-fi and for running shoes, one of the first things that come into your head is “what are they running in?”.

Luckily during the episode we can see a bit more of the shoe: from the sole,

Star Trek Discovery running shoes - sole

to – minutes later – a good shot of the shoes themselves:


Recognized them yet ?

It’s a quite unmistakable silhouette from Nike: the Sock Dart.

Nike Sock Dart

While possibly not the best choice to train for a marathon – or to race it – I can see them as a comfortable, lightweight option for keeping in shape aboard the Discovery.