The Return


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    1. So happy for you and to have you back on youtube! I know how good it feels to get to run and train and play again. I ruptured my ACL 1,5 years ago and the rehab was such a struggle but now I feel like I am a better player and enjoy football even more than ever before.

    2. Thank you so much Matt. I really haven’t noticed how much I love soccer until I was unable to do it anymore. I missed my entire summer and recently I have been injured all the time with growing pains and all sorts of things that most don’t have, things that I didn’t realize might happen to me. Now I am back and will work harder than ever because one day I can sprint and shoot the ball and the next I can’t even walk without pain in every step. There is so much more I want to say, but ThANK YOU.

    3. This video helped a lot! Thank you truly, I tore my meniscus in my left knee, and got surgery the Oct. 25 and I jest was sad, and frustrated by the lack of what I could do. But now that I know you went through kinda the same thing, I just need to look at my recovery in steps and every day could be a step up or a step down. Thank you

    4. Thank you so much mat for all of this i recently made the jv and varsity squad at my school and a big part of me getting here was the time and effort that you put in to this channel not only for drills and training but also for motivation and mental toughness and i thank you for all that you do. God bless and i hope you recover as planned.🙏

    5. So glad your back Matt! I'm so happy your recovering so well from your injury. I myself am recovering from my own injury and pretty soon, I can start physical therapy which really excites me. Seeing you has really inspired me and given me so much confidence in recovering and getting back on the field. Good luck to you Matt! I can't wait to see you play this upcoming season 😀