The 5 Healthy Benefits of Daily Running



Feeling the cold breeze blowing through your face, gasping the freshest air, and feeling your heart pound with every step that you take are the joys of every runner. Many people love to run as this helps them to communicate with themselves, feel mother nature and maintain a physically fit body. It may be very exhausting, time consuming, and may bring a lot of body aches during the first few days of running but as soon as you’ll get a hang of it, you’ll realize that running daily has a lot of healthy benefits .

One can choose from a wide variety of exercises but running or jogging has been one of the most popular choices by many people. Come to think of it, it does not make you spend a single penny. All you need is a pair of quality running shoes, sunglasses to protect your eyes, bottle of water to quench your thirst, face towel to wipe your sweat, a cap or a sun blazer to provide little shade, and iPods or music players to accompany you while running. Some runners bring along a handy self defense weapon like the streetwise stun gun to keep them protected from attackers. And once you are geared up for this activity, you are good to go for a long run.

Some people think that regular jogging can easily damage joints in the knees, hips and ankles but if we outweigh the negative and positive effects of jogging, the positive effects will certainly weigh more. We can get a lot of healthy benefits when we run daily. We may not see the effects in an instant but as we continue to practice jogging daily, we may notice slight changes on our weight and our shape.

One important benefit we get out of running is having a physically fit body. One will surely have a sexy and slender body that they have always dreamed of. So instead of buying commercially made products that help maintain a slim body, why not consider taking a short run in parks or in your village? Make sure though that you carry with you a stun pen to give you protection while jogging.

Another important benefit when we jog is losing weight in the safest way. Jogging helps in burning excess fats in our bodies. It has been one of the amazing ways to burn calories. And in addition to that, jogging also helps in reducing your belly fat. Maintaining a running program will really make you eliminate the fats that make you obese.

It is also known that running improves the cardiovascular system’s performance. It increases the blood circulation and thus makes our hearts become stronger. Jogging also affect other systems in the body and because of it, our body is able to function normally.

Our bones and muscles are also strengthened once we do daily jogging. It makes our muscles firm and it increases the density of our bone keeping us away from illnesses like osteoporosis. Intake of vitamins and minerals plus daily jogging will certainly keep these two body systems to function well.

Lastly, running keeps us relaxed and gives us a sound mind and body. Anxieties, worries and problems will be forgotten since we focus primarily on ourselves and the breath we take. Not only that, if we jog daily, we can have a better sleep at night since jogging is a stress reducer.

Jogging is free and sure is safe for our bodies. Not only does it make us physically healthy but it also gives us a healthy mind.


Source by Joseph Pressley