SUPsquatch & Super Slides | Who is JOB 6.0: S5E6


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    1. Ok. One guy can flip his board 180 degrees and back the other direction over and over again. I didn't know you could surf with your board backwards. Looks like a skateboarder doing the same trick over and over again but yeah, I know its many degree's harder. Now, if he could do the 180 and turn it the same direction 180 degrees again, that would be a 360 but he I guess doesn't know how to do that trick yet. Also, looks like he mastered the trick but only going left to right again. Are there surfers who can do it both left to right and then right to left? I've seen skim boarders do it. I guess he must be "right" footed. Is that canal they are going down for sewage or just clean water? Hope its not for poop.