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    Stephen A. Smith wants to make it know that he supports the NFL in the Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott suspension. ✓ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: …



    1. Mr Eliott does have the same fundamental unalienable rights as each American. These are rights recognized in our Constitution and given by God. The NFL can not take away what they never gave. The NFLPA can not give away what they never owned. These are the rights of Mr. Elliott alone.
      It is irrelevant as to weather you make $1.00 or $1,000,000. You are a citizen in the greatest country in this world. You have a right to due process, to face your accusers, to be judged by your peers, and to be presumed innocent. You are not required to prove your innocence, your accuser must prove your guilt. It is obvious that Goodell was interested in protecting the reputation of NFL and not honoring the truth. If you are a player in the NFL note that any person can accuse you of anything without proof. You are vulnerable to extortion and blackmail by any corrupt and or devious individual. You are guilty according to the NFL. Your word means nothing. Goodell has guaranteed a strike. The owners paid him how much?

      Steven A. can spew the NFL's defamation and propaganda and claim he cares about "Justice" and "Integrity". You know , make it "real". I will leave it to the players in the league to decide. The next time a player decides to give this guy the time of day, ask yourself. Does he have your back or his. I will not judge him. After all, every man should have his "fair" and just day in court without having his name dragged through the mud. Right Steven!!!

    2. He is ridiculous, it's like u telling zeke to not fight to defend his name… at the end of the day he don't know what happened, but if u telling a person to not defend there innocences if they are is stupid… and if he isn't innocent then Zeke will be the stupid one…

    3. AND…….. one BIG difference in the Tom Brady and the Ezekiel Elliott cases. Brady either did or did not with no witnesses. Elliott's was a threat by another person first, then the threat turned into an accusation which is what the threat was, then the accusation was investigated by a United States Law Enforcement division, the City of Columbus, Ohio. The Capital of the state of Ohio's DA Office who investigated and found no evidence and in fact found the THREAT was made an accusation by someone who had confided in another and told them what they was doing (more than one witness) . So the DA's office dropped this common sense case, neighbors testified they heard her threaten him with this same accusation. I have not even brought up the blackmail sex tape by her and the other witness who testified about it. Either the DA's office needs to be investigated and in fact the entire Law Enforcement division of the City of Columbus investigated for CORRUPTION. Or common sense prevails and it is dropped.
      These are huge differences Mr. Know-it-all Smith and in fact if what you are saying is used in a common sense way. Only Roger Goodell should be investigated, and possibly prosecuted and sued for slander and various other things for multiple millions of dollars. And since he is employed by the Owners of the 32 teams. The Owners will be responsible for paying this fine.

    4. It's stupid for Elliot to find himself in this situation? What if he is falsely accused? Stephen what if YOU were falsely accused of something? Would that make YOU stupid? There are so many red flags on this girl that lacks credibility. Yes the players association voted for Goodell to make these decisions. But I bet he won't for long because he keeps screwing up!

    5. There's a difference between air in balls and accusing someone of DV, Zeke wins because they railroaded him to look tough on DV and defamed him the process. Both trials were unfair but I think the court will intervene this time(and the way the league has played this is only making them look worse in courts eyes of conspiracy) So, not only do I expect Elliot to win, but I see heads rolling…….First take has made their bed, and I'll point them back there when they're proven wrong