Shoe Review | Altra Escalante


    Coach Craig took the Altra Escalante running shoes out for a spin. Check out his shoe review here! Support us by shopping at Running Warehouse here: …



    1. I have had the shoes for a few weeks now and am loving them. I wasn't able to run back to back days in my Boston 6's, and when I switched to the Escalante's 5-6 days in a row is not an issue. I find the shoe is giant help for my knees- much easier to land mid foot and us the calf as a springy shock absorber taking the hit off the knees and lower back.

    2. The purchase price is a bit high until you realize that you get 200 – 300 more miles out of a pair of shoes.

      If you have run in Instincts or Torins, you have to get used to the micro-thin tongue on the Escalante. I had to go with a size 10 in the Escalante and I wear a 10.5 in everything else.

      I have two pair with a combined total of 683 miles on them and they hardly look like I've worn them.