San Francisco 49ers VS Philadelphia Eagles Week 8 NFL 2017 Postgame Gathering


    C.J. Beathard has entered the lineup as the starting quarterback right when things are going terribe. Trent Brown wasn’t around to protect his right side to begin …



    1. Here's the deal with me with Kyle first I wasn't expecting him to go 10-6 or 8-8 or something like that like other fans expected I already knew this was going to happen, as far him and the team being a playoff contender I'll give him the 4th or 5th season for that if everything goes right. CJ I always give rookie QBs 3 years (or sometimes 4yrs) to be fully develop and ready to go also around that time if Lynch doing is job the team (or the offense at least) would be better than now to help with CJ's development. So all and all around the 4th or 5th season we should be ready to go. I doubt we'll draft a QB because Kyle was the one who wanted CJ in the 1st place so it wouldn't make since in drafting another one and besides we got too many problems with this team and a QB isn't going to fix everything especially with our O-line.