Running Technique Rules To Improve Footstrike


    When it comes to tackling distance running, you’ve got to get back to the basics. Here are our THREE best running technique rules to improve footstrike! Connect …



    1. Where were you all this time??? Lol. I run along with my swimming, cycling n squashing but happened to pick.up.a nagging achilles injury due to my wrong footstrike which now has made my progress almost impossible in any of my activities. I used to run on my.toes literally for kms, I live in Tanzania n were deprived of good doctors/coaches so healthy lifestyles getting ruined by an easily avoidable long term injury is a common issue down here. Thanks to people like you who are willing to share your wisdom with the world, these advices can go a long way trust me. Cheers guys n thanks for what you do.

    2. i tried so hard to do this,,,, and it kind of works for a while but then i forget….and when i ran with my dog tied around my waist….he kind of pulled my hips (out…?) in a really cool way so that EVERYTHIING in my running changed….then i realized HIP POSITION aka kind of thrust (out) makes it better!!!!!! LOL

    3. Thanm u sir for this awesome video..i really like your channel.i am preparing for a Defence running competition where i have to run 1600 mts in between 6mins & 30 secs..can you please make a video on this..Also who to improve heavy breathing while running…Please sir..i am very dependent on you people for my competition..i will be highly thankful to Run experience team ?

    4. God, I've been sick for six years and unable to run for about five. I was walking on crutches until last August, am extremely fatigued all the time, and am on supplemental oxygen pretty much 24/7. Last summer I decided to be stubborn and fulfil my dream of running the London marathon for charity anyway. It's on the 23rd of April; my first time back in my running shoes was the 8th of November. Quite a challenge but I've been obsessed with your videos lately and aside from them being really practical, they're providing me with that final boost of motivation I need in order to do this. Thank you SO much.
      (P.S. If you want to read more, it's summed up here:

    5. hey thanks for the video. I have a question, what do you think about running barefoot on a treadmill? I know sounds weird. been having problems with right ankle, it doesn't hurt but after 2 miles starts to lose strenght (think of the way wrists feels when lifting and getting tired). been doing ankle strengthening exercises and still get that annoying feeling everytime I run. I've rested for like 2 months and still.