Running Shoes for Forefoot Strikers – Vibram V-Run Review


    Go the distance and make it easily through the marathon in the Vibram V-Run, which is a barefoot running shoe that’s durable for running on roads and slightly …



    1. Loooove your review !!!! Thank you ! I just bought mine and can't wait to wear them . I have a question please . I live in Santa Monica CA. Do you think I will be good w the vrun or shall I try the vtrail or just bye both ? I loooooove Vibram . Been running in them since 2011 and ran the la marathon 2014 and running the 2018. I am a single mom of 4 and one of the reason I stay in shape and look forward to running are the Vibram .

    2. Hi Forefoot running, i just stumble into your site, and found it quite informative, but i believe u may have to really wear the shoe like for a period before u review it and not so much as in, u describe the shoe visually. Comments from the community is that the upper mesh is too soft and couldn't hold the foot in place, causing the front toe to hit the toe box. My honest opinion is, u can wear the shoe like for a month or two and run in longer miles first and review the shoe ? Thanks ! I am from Singapore 🙂

    3. I have a warning for anyone with morton's toe do not use vibram five fingers. They gave me the only lasting injury that I have had in the past decade of running barefoot. I do have a video on my channel explaining why, but another reason I do not suggest anyone buy this type of shoe is part of understanding we do not NEED shoes to be a runner as well as the environmental and consumerism element. The company has become just as bad with their marketing and production as any of the big name brands promoting the new "colours" and the latest bling. Regards Russell