Running For Your Mental Health



Running is one of the easiest ways to get in shape. Many Americans run to get in shape and stay in shape. Being fit has many advantages, one of which is your health. One aspect of running’s effect on your health is your mental health.

Running can be a very relaxing process if done properly. The first few times will probably hurt, but eventually you will get the hang of it and begin to enjoy it. Once you start enjoying it the whole process will seem relaxing. The first step to getting into a running routine is creating a running habit. Make a habit of getting up every morning and going for a run. Even if you are only able to run half a mile at first, get up and do it every day. Doing this everyday will be really hard at first but eventually your body will look forward to its daily run. This is the moment we are waiting for; This is when running becomes good for your mental health.

Once you have gotten into a habit it is important to stick with it. It will most likely take a month for you to get into the routine but once there you will start to see the effects of running on your mental health. When you are running try to enjoy nature. Do not use headphones, run and listen. Find trails to run on and beaches are a great relaxing tool as well. Whatever type of running you find you like the key is to enjoy it.


Source by Christopher Hufnagel