Q&A Friday running edition


    This week’s questions: KaptainKreature6 days ago Hey Kalclash, what would you recommend i do for a sub 5min mile? I have 5:39 atm and want to reach sub 5 …



    1. So… I'm relatively new to running. I just started taking running seriously this year and I've already done a 10k and a semi in my 1 month old vibram kso evo. (some might say I rushed a bit… but I started strengthening my calves even before buying them, and when I got them, they just felt right…)

      Now… I'm thinking about buying a pair of spyridon and have a go at trail running. But it's kind of scaring me to see everyone in online forums talking about classic trail shoes and how important padding is when running anything close to a semi. So, do you think the vibrams are suitable even for long trail runs or should I look for other minimalist shoes with more padding?

      Also… between the spyridon and the trek ascent, do you strongly suggest the trek ascent or there's not much of a difference? I see the trek ascent has a bit thicker insole, so a bit more cushioning, while the spyridon has a more aggressive profile…