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    1. Is the puma ignite running shoes comfortable, are they lightweight like the Nike free RN shoes and also would you recommend these shoes for,daily use like walking and jogging? I also have noticed there is much more colour configurations and different models of the puma ignite, which one would you recommend?

    2. man i totally love those shoes, well i don't own a pair ha-ha but i want to get them asap.
      My question is: how do you think they fit? tight or lose?, i mean, do you think i have to get them exactly my number (i'm size 9) or should i get them half bigger i case they are kinda like tight, or half smaller than my size? 

      i ask this because recently i bought a pair of "Nike's lunar-glide 6" size 9, but they fit in me a bit lose, like they were 9.5!! and sometimes it feels like my foot might slip inside a just a bit, i previously owned a pair of "Nike free run 5" size 9 and they fit perfect.

      thanks a lot for your review tho! XD

    3. I have a question… I bought this shoes like 1 week ago and at first they were great, the foam thing felt really great as if i was running in the sky.
      But after some use (i go to run everyday) now they feel normal, i mean like normal shoes, the foam doesnt feel the same, it feels like it became smaller, and i dont feel like running in the sky anymore…
      Why the foam became smaller so fast?
      Also how can i make it bigger as it was before? :s

    4. I've used the IGNITE's for two weeks now. Love them. Ordered a second pair so that I can run indoors as well. Earlier I've used Nike Free 5.0, and this feels a lot better to run in. 

      Would love to hear your opinion on how they are over time. And how often you'll need to buy new.