Nike's collections-remember every Nike first


As a famous company for a long period, Nike has become more and more popular for youngers. For them, stylish, comfortable, fashion are their focus. But still some Nike fans are very curious about Nike’s history, Nike and NBA players, anything about Nike history. For many people who worn Nike as a fashion would not real know Nike’s bit by bit.

Being a human, we will remember every first in our memory. First time we came to school, first friend we made, first time to swimming. Every first made up our childhood and every first is our collections. People may forget many old habits but they can not forget commemorate things. That is what Nike give people and also Nike’s collections.

-First Nike Brand

The reason why Nike brand set up all rely on Nike company setting up. Before there was the Swoosh, before there was Nike, there were two visionary men who pioneered a revolution in athletic footwear that redefined the industry.

Bill Bowerman was a nationally respected track and field coach at the University of Oregon, who was constantly seeking ways to give his athletes a competitive advantage. He experimented with different track surfaces, re-hydration drinks and – most importantly innovations in running shoes. But the established footwear manufacturers of the 1950s ignored the ideas he tried to offer them, so Bowerman began cobbling shoes for his runners.

Phil Knight was a talented middle-distance runner from Portland, who enrolled at Oregon in the fall of 1955 and competed for Bowerman’s track program. Upon graduating from Oregon, Knight earned his MBA in finance from Stanford University, where he wrote a paper that proposed quality running shoes could be manufactured in Japan that would compete with more established German brands. But his letters to manufacturers in Japan and Asia went unanswered, so Knight took a chance.

He made a cold-call on the Onitsuka Co. in Kobe, Japan, and persuaded the manufacturer of Tiger shoes to make Knight a distributor of Tiger running shoes in the United States. When the first set of sample shoes arrived, Knight sent several pairs to Bowerman, hoping to make a sale. Instead, Bowerman stunned Knight by offering to become his partner, and to provide his footwear design ideas to Tiger.

They shook hands to form Blue Ribbon Sports, pledged $500 each and placed their first order of 300 pairs of shoes in January 1964. Knight sold the shoes out of the trunk of his green Plymouth Valiant, while Bowerman began ripping apart Tiger shoes to see how he could make them lighter and better, and enlisted his University of Oregon runners to wear-test his creations. In essence, the foundation for what would become Nike had been established.

But Bowerman and Knight each had full-time jobs – Bowerman at Oregon and Knight at a Portland accounting firm – so they needed someone to manage the growing requirements of Blue Ribbon Sports. Enter Jeff Johnson, whom Knight had met at Stanford. A runner himself, Johnson became the first full-time employee of Blue Ribbon Sports in 1965, and quickly became an invaluable utility man for the start-up company.

Pre challenged Bowerman, Johnson and BRS in general to stretch their creative talents. In turn, he became a powerful ambassador for BRS and Nike after he graduated from Oregon, making numerous appearances on behalf of BRS and sending pairs of Nike shoes to prospective runners along with personal notes of encouragement.

His tragic death at age 24 in 1975 cut short what many believed would have been an unparalleled career in track – at the time of his death, he held American records in seven distances from 2,000m to 10,000m. But Prefontaine’s fiery spirit lives on within Nike; Knight has often said that Pre is the “soul of Nike.”

-First NBT player who wear Nike

Nike and NBA are all very famous in the world. Nike with NBT are companion, Nike’s first famous was NBA players who wear Nike. The first Nike basketball shoe ever created was the Blazer which was worn by Geoff Petrie and Sidney Wicks of the Portland Trailblazers. They also happen to be the first basketball players in the NBA to get a Nike endorsement. Nearly Jordan times, Nike introduce Nike Air series-Nike Air Jordan shoes become popular becuse Jordan is the spokespreson. Then Nike really invist many popular stars as spokespreson, It is no wonder why Nike become popular.

nike.JPG-First Nike Shoes

In 1966 Blue Ribbon Sports opened it’s first retail outlet selling sportswear, including the Japanese made Tiger running shoes.

In 1971 graphic design artist Carolyn Davidson created the famous Nike ‘Swoosh’ logo and sold it to the company for $35.00 USD.

In 1972 Bill Bowerman used his wife’s waffle iron to mold the sole of a shoe that has better traction, creating a shoe called the ‘Moon Shoe’ and distributed it to four track & field athletes at the 1972 Olympic Trials. That same year the first line of Nike footwear hit the stores.

In 1978 Blue Ribbon Sports is renamed Nike Inc.

Source by Nike Joshon