NIKE PEGASUS 34 SHIELD REVIEW (Water Resistant Running Shoe)


    Nike Pegasus 34 Shield review. fast, responsive shoe, good running shoe road & light trails. Not as expensive as the Vaporfly or Zoom fly SUBSCRIBE TO THE …



    1. SO what do you guys want to see next ?!? Thanksgiving Break is coming up which means I'll have more time to create more nonsense!

      1. Saucony Liberty
      2. Saucony Triumph ISO 4
      3. Asics Nimbus 20
      4. Why I hate/Love Adidas or BROOKS

      I will be posting some Running tips vids next week, and maybe some fun reviews that are not SHOES.

    2. I think it's a meh year for the shield pack this year. The colourways are boring with just black or dark blue compared to last years' red, green and black, and the models chosen this year being just the free rn, the structure and pegasus is disappointing. Where is my lunarepic? 6/10 😐

    3. Last

      Just a little advise
      If you are running at night.
      Stop wearing dark colours of clothing ! Stop wearing black or grey.
      Damnit wear something eye popping like pink or tennis ball green.
      What's the point of purchasing triple black running shoe? Wearing a black cap?
      None of those are easy to see at night