New Balance Running Shoes




    1. I don't pay retail – ever – and I agree about those who do. I was just stating that the prices for USA made 993's are roughly the same as the equivalent Chinese/foreign made shoes from Nike and their ilk. Surely you've seen the Nikes, Reeboks, Brooks, Adidas, etc. going for roughly $100-140 that were made in China or elsewhere overseas, right?

    2. im having pains on the front of my left ankle which radiat halfway up my shin im not sure if its my shoes or my weight, unfortunatly i am double my average weight and have built up muscle mass under my previous fat and i can run 2/3 the same speed as most of my friends who are more fit but as i said my ankle pains are debilitating and force my knees to give out after a few seconds on pressure any help?

    3. @Newbpwng
      i think there arent many areas with rock solid grounds, maybe some stone deserts or mounten regions without water and only poor vegetation. most regions are covered with gras, sand, snow or similar vegetation. people had to live in areas that could provide enough water and food. so they mainly hunted and ran in these areas. i dont think they avioded hard ground areas, but im sure they mainly used to walk and not to run in these areas.