new balance minimus


    Anton Krupicka presents New Balance Minimus Trail.



    1. Word. Your energy manifested through the video and has compelled me to continue pushing the limits of simplicity and the capabilities of our body out in our home-nature. New balance is the shoe doctors* recommended for me after undergoing multiple surgeries on my legs, in my eyes NB is the ultimate athletic shoe for all unique comfort preferences.

    2. I almost gave up on running. My knees hurt so bad when I ran. I bought a pair of New Balance minimus as a last resort in 2013. Within two blocks my running style changed. I could not run like an asshole in these shoes and get away with it, I felt it instantly. I built up distance slowly over a couple of months. I'll never forget my first pain free 5k. I'm not saying this will work for every one but it did for me. Last summer (2014)I put my old runners on to use in the garden I couldn't believe how distorted they made my feet feel. I threw them out.
      I wear my NB minimus everywhere now and have a difficult time wearing anything else. Even at minus 30 degrees. Thank you for these shoes!

    3. Great video.  I have this exact pair of shoes (the original orange ones) and covet them!  I run a lot in Vibram Five Fingers, but there are just runs I do where the FF's are too thin and they actually slow me down, especially downhill, in those types of situations.  NB Minimus give just enough protection and a little more traction, and I just love 'em.  I'm definitely a huge FF fan, but when it's time to get fast on a trail that's got a lot of little sharp rocks, the NB's ARE the tool!