Mo Farah’s Tips on Using a Treadmill | How to Win Like Mo


    Hey everyone! It’s easy to step up and use a treadmill, but here’s some of my top tips for getting the most out of it. I love using the treadmill, it’s really easy and …



    1. Really enjoyed this video. Great production quality too. While I understand why you've pitched it at the (low) level that you have, it'd be great if you throw in a little bit more detail for the serious runners too. Thank you & good luck.

    2. I had a totally unorthadox training routine -where I ran 12k barefoot every morning & 8k substantially faster on the treadmill slightly uphill —I won tons of 5&10k races off this training—running on pavement only in the race–WOW—traction! Strong feet are the basis for speed. I did a set of 6 mile repeats under 5 after a 20K barefoot long run. Not for everybody–but, as Haile Gebresalassie recently opined after being asked if the new 4% + Nike energy shoes were cheating? " all shoes are cheating!" Check Rome Olympics where Abebe Bikila won the marathon over cobblestoned streets —-yep—BAREFOOT (2:12) simply fabulous!