Learn to Skip Rope in 30 Days | ft. Crossrope | Days 1-10


    Learn to Skip Rope in 30 days in this program. I’ll take you from a pure beginnner at skipping rope to fluent in jumping rope in 30 days with this steady …



    1. I love jumping rope! I started it some months after I started practicing boxing so that I could have better endurance while boxing. That said, I came across Zen Dude Fitness's channel (which use Crossrope) shortly after I found your channel. I'm hoping to get a Crossrope soon. An entirely overhauled limited edition set is being released soon, I'm on the mailing list.

      Wanted to mention, since concrete is rather unforgiving on your ankles AND the rope, a good place to practice is a school's running track around the football field. Ours is made from shredded recycled rubber, so it's a lot less impact.

    2. Is running on the spot really harder? Because I mostly go for 4 rounds of running on the spot for 3 minutes each, but other than that, the basic skip and kick-outs I can't do any other technique shown here. Plus when I do the basic skip for a while the outside edge of my feet start to hurt, so I gotta stick with running on the spot.

    3. First of all, thank you so much for putting this 30 day program together.  I get a lot of quality instruction from your videos!  I have always struggled with the kick-outs and pretty much abandoned my efforts and have just done the regular skipping on both feet for the last year.  But with your new video, I am inspired to try again.  It basically boils down to the fact that I have a weaker calf and ankle on the left.  Even my left calf is considerably smaller as I use my right side to compensate.  But what I'm finding from this, kicking my right foot out is so very difficult because my left has to take the weight.  It's slightly easier kicking out my left foot as my right is stronger.  Even when I can get a successful right foot kick-out, my timing gets thrown off with the rope and I mess up with this continuously.  Any advice for my issue?