Kalclash Q&A Friday 13 – training, barefoot running, triathlon tips, tricks and questions


    This week’s questions: My wife is doing the night marathon walk in September and she is now up to 13miles in training but now she is experiencing shin …



    1. Hi Steve,
      since you do strength training in the gym as well, what's your opinion on bodyweight training? Pullup bar, parallel bars, rings, floor and so on?
      Complements barefoot running very well in my opinion, it has the same minimalist feeling to it ) And you don't even need a gym.

    2. Thanks again Steve for a very informative Q&A Friday, agree with you on Vibram fit, better a bit tight when new, big toe fit is most important due to windlass effect as well as problem of 'first metatarsal jam'. I am amazed at the availability of PROTEIN POWDER its commonplace in most Supermarkets now and price per gram is crazy. I will stick with my home fed chickens. I am also pleased that you realise that honey although not vegan, is not all bad. Its all I use, 8% honey solution and some rock salt for long runs (2hrs+) fuel. Best Mark