How to Stop Running to Your Doctor with Health Problems


Hey there,

Have you been seeing your doctor a little too much laTely? Headaches here, chest pains there ……….. shortness of breath, feeling weak, dizzy, and lethargic.

A nasty virus going around?

Not likely.

Something you caught from your kids?

Probably not.

Well, what is it?

Would you believe (and you should) that it could be that you're overweight and / or out of shape?

"No way, it can not be!" you say …….. I mean you're supposed to drag yourself through the day eating chips, drinking caffeine laced beverages, and exercising your fingers on the keyboard.

"That's how life supposedly to be" ……….. you say, work like crazy ……… make as much money as possible regardless of the health risks ….. .retire (while being overweight and out of shape) and spend a good amount of your retirement visiting your local doctor and hospital waiting for that new breakthrough surgery to suck up all that fat from your arms. Unfortunately, this is often true of many people nowdays. How can you possibly stop this and decrease the possibility (exponentially, I might add) that you have to spend your retirement years pitching a tent at your doctor's office.

Get moving.

Start a fitness program ……….. try to do a pushup (you should be able to do more than 1, by the way) ……… take a brisk walk around the neighborhood …….. take a jog with your dog up and down the street …….. try to do 10 crunches …… just start something! More importantly, stick with it.

That's all you need …….. just 2 little things.

Start with something ………. and stick with it.

2 simple, yet powerful actions. In fact, they're so powerful that if you did these two little things, you would be in better shape than most people in the world!

You want to know a little secret?

Open your ears and pay attention ……….

Your doctor does not want to see you. In fact, they are sick of seeing you ……….. they would rather be playing golf …. lol. But do you want to know why they have to keep long hours and spend minimal time with patients?

Because we are getting fatter and unhealthier by the day. Which equals more health problems, which equals more doctor visits, more hospital visits, more tests (very costly I might add), more x-rays, more surgeries, etc. etc. etc.

How many hundreds and thousands of dollars are you and your family spending on unnecessary health bills? Instead of chewing on a Twinkie ……. chew on that thought for a while.

What would you rather have with all that extra money: a new car, a house that's paid off, a vacation home, a boat?


Living healthy, looking leaner, feeling younger and more energized while pocketing extra money from saved doctor bills and surgeries.

Where do you sign up?

Not at your local McDonald's or Burger King.

Nor at your local greasy spoon restaurant.

You sign up by making a commitment to change your lifestyle. Hey, maybe that's not what you are wanting to hear, but it's true. You and only you, (with some help from me, of course) can make that change.

What's the great thing about it?

So many people have tried and succeeded by doing it the right way, and you can too! It may take some time, it will take some discipline, heck, it may even take some sacrifices …. but you will get so excited when you look at yourself in a mirror and see a leaner, fitter, healthier you.

Save money, save insurance company hassles …… and for goodness sakes start a fitness program. I may not be able to help you have a body like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie by next week ………. but listen to me and you can at least save enough money to take everyone you know to see all of their movies ……… lol. Actually, with your savings on doctor's visits …….. you'll have way more money than that.

In closing, you can choose one of two things ……….

1. Making a change to commit to a healthier lifestyle, a more balanced diet, and a fitness program that will lead to greater physical fitness, mental health and wellness, endurance (use your imagination), less doctor visits (when they are practically pushing you out the door anyway), less chances for heart attacks, strokes, surgeries ………… AND more money in your pocket from saving yourself from these expenses.


2. A diet filled with fats, lard, cholesterol, unlimited carbonated beverages, "diet" drinks (that always gets a chuckle out of me), days of feeling weak, depressed, and lethargic. Let's not forget a greater than average number of doctor visits, greater chance for health-related surgeries, greater chance for injuries (if and when you decide to get off your butt and do something), combined with looking less attractive to yourself and your significant other (or potential significant other), WHILE wasting money on all of these things.

Quite the laundry list, huh?

I do not know about you, but I take # 1 11 times out of 10. And, if I were you, I would think long and hard about making a change to # 1 too.

You can do it, I am here to help. And if you can handle even more fitness strategies for you and your family, go to [] and check out what I've got in store for you. Have a great day!

Source by Chris Callegari