How To Prevent Running Injuries For Good


    We’ve tested and tweaked our BEST techniques & habits for keeping those running injuries away! Use this video to learn how to prevent running injuries FOR …



    1. So here is a question and topic I rarely see for runners. I am now a "Senior runner", how do I prevent injury as I get older. I know I need to take more rest days etc. but how many, and any other tips/guidlines you can offer would help. I am fifty eight yo.

    2. Do you have any tips on how to come back from foot injuries received in a car accident? I have a sprained big toe (also called 'turf toe' I think) and an ankle sprain causing a lot of instability, in the same foot. I'm a walker and I had just started trying to run when I got injured.

    3. hey i know you guys do videos for people that work in offices etc. but can you please do a video on people who have active jobs. for example i work in construction. from lifting wood.. sweating.. squatting..lifting.. im just curious how that affects my running and possible over use of my muscles.. sometimes its hard to go run after a long 8hrs of work.. thanks in advance.. God Bless u guys.. awesome videos