How To Lace Running Shoes For Your Best Fit and Improved Comfort


    We present several lacing techniques on how to lace your running shoes for your best fit and solve common fit problems. Runner’s Loop: Prevent your heel from …



    1. Thanks for posting have changed my laces as I seemed to bruise my big toes all the time. Ran for the first time today with the new lace up style and toe did not hurt at all Yay! Cant thank you enough. When I was a child my dad used to lace my shoes up like your tutorial and I aways used to think it strange as no one else seemed to do this! He was a sportsman and perhaps he new what he was doing lol a bit of de ja Vous. I love you and miss you Dad and hope you are watching over me x

    2. Hi, I run with the On Running's Cloud Shoe. These shoes are great but they use elastic laces, I do have the option to change them to a standard pair of laces however, I want to see if the elastic laces are more beneficial for me and my running. Any tips to lace up these to avoid pain on the top part of the tongue of the the shoe?