How To Choose the Right Heel-Toe Drop for Running Shoes


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    1. Hi, I'm searching everywhere for a while and I can't find an clear answer for my problem. I'm not a 'runner' like I won't go for a 2k run or something like this.

      In fact I play ball hockey. So I jog on the court but I also sprint and change direction very often. But I have a problem with my left achilles tendon. It's painful as hell. I tried minimalist shoes and it was worst than anything I ever tried. I was thinking about a shoe with a 8mm heel drop but everyone is telling me that I will spain my ankle if I use a higher heel.

      So like I said, I can't find a clear answer. Some people are telling me to go with a running shoe with a higher heel, others with a crossfit shoe, I had people telling me to go with volleyball shoes and other with minimalist shoes.

      Which way should I go ?