Hoka One One Clifton 3 Review: Best Running Shoe of 2016 for Long Runs


    The Hoka One One Clifton 3 is one of the best running shoes of 2016 for triathletes and runners looking for a long-distance or high mileage shoe. Check out …



    1. Thinking these would be great for me as I'm quite heavy I've only been running 8 weeks, 5 parkrun's and now have developed shin splints in my left inside shin. Any running and it gets tighter, weak and burns and I'm forced to limp and eventually stop. Really demoralising.

    2. Great review! I have not been able to run over the last couple of years due to health issues/injury. I am currently being treated at a chiropractor for a badly injured L5S1 bulging disc. I will not be cleared to try running for quite a while and will be starting from scratch when I do (grr!). I've been wearing Saucony Triumphs for years and love them, but am thinking that, when I am finally able to start running again, I might try a pair of these for the super cushioning. I work at a Running Room store here in Canada and tried a pair on a couple of weeks ago. They were really comfy! I think the extra cushioning might be good for my back, but am concerned about going from a shoe with an 8mm drop to one with a 5mm drop. Other than the heel drop concern, I think they might be a good shoe for me. Any suggestions, thoughts, or warnings? Thanks! 🙂

    3. I know you said these are for distance but could they be substituted in for 5k to 10k distances for heavier runners? I am right at 200 lbs and currently run in Saucony Triumph ISO3 but my knees still bark at me quite a bit. Basically I just want the most cushion I can get while still getting a sturdy, responsive shoe and not have to strap pillows to my feet.

    4. Getting back into Ironman racing next year. 1st thing was to do , lose weight. Now I am at race weight again, and being a long time Nike guy, it took alot for me to switch, but I needed something that gave me that extra cushioning like my Air Max , but lighter, even wondered if that running shoe was even around . Well got them today, compared 2016 Nike Air Max to the Cliff 3, wow, the Cliff 3 is very lightweight , will test it out soon on my long run. Will let you know next week how it goes .

    5. Bought these following your review. Can't believe how much better my legs feel. Struggled for years with shin/knee issues and couldn't run back to back days even with custom carbon orthotics. I can now run back to back days with no problems. thank you 🙂

    6. Nice review! Any chance you could do a video of what we should look for in a tri running shoe such as no sew or elastic lace instead of tie up laces etc! And also similar for suits and and any other kit that can be generalised and streamed into best use for triathlon! Keep up the great vids. You have helped my knowledge in the sport a lot

    7. Love your review.. Was browsing for reviews on the web because planned to buy hoka never tried it before but thanks to your video, I'm really convinced now and having no more doubt. I think this shoes is what I'm looking for and curently I'm still using brooks glycerine 13, newton motion iv, Nike Zoom Elite 8, Asics FuzeX; All combined for my training & race day, though i still need more shoes in order to strengthen my foot structure. Thanks again 🙂

    8. Coming from the Clifton 1 and hating the the 2, I found the 3 to be a huge improvement over the 2. The wider toe box makes it a usable shoe for me and the thicker tongue addresses the issue of the 1 being a little to loose up front. The cushioning of the 3 is softer than the 2 but not quite 1 level. That said, these are probably the best distance running shoe on the market since the Clifton 1 is gone. I miss the Polestar blue from the Clifton 1 (seriously best shoe color ever), but the gold is pretty bling.

    9. I use Hoka's and as you say they aren't for short races…I use my mizuno waves or TRI noosa 9's.  The Hoka's (for me) are awesome for them LSR's, slow recovery runs or anything over half marathon.As for the toes rubbing in the Clifton 2's, have you tried the injini toe socks ? no good for a TRI as they can take a little bit to get on and if your feet are still damp it just isn't worth the hassle, but not bad socks to get over the toe rub.