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    1. Hi from Cape Town South Africa!! Tried this shoe today! AMAZING!

      Ok, so I am running the New York Marathon in November and I am looking for a good cushioned long distance running shoe. I am a neutral runner with relatively high arches. I am so close to purchasing these….anything I should be considering or be aware of before I pull the trigger! Cheers boys

    2. I'm looking for an all black shoe for walking all day long at work in the club industry. I don't really have the strongest ankle or knee joints from the 85 klm of walking on average per week from the last 25 yrs of service, yep I've measured it ! I'm looking at trying Asics or maybe Brooks but I must have all black do you have any recommendations I'm in desperate need of something new to try.
      My fit would be around a US 10 – 10.5.