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    1. Very nice and thorough shoe review. You don't see too many of these on YT considering that most of the shoe reviews are done by the sneakerheads that upload. I am actually looking for paira dedicated running shoes considering that I am trying to restart my running workouts after a few years. I am normally a dedicated nike person but nike's these day seems to be more narrow than usual. I would possibly consider these if the price tag for them weren't so high.

    2. Hello Mister, could you help me to choose between K24 and K23 ? I had a little problems on knees last years and it would be a little hurt after a long run. So I take care of them carefully now, and usually I run 3 times a week, 5-6km each time. I wish I can run 10km and more in future. So I think I need a pair of shoes which is soft to protect my knees. I'm satisfied with the FlyteFoam of K23, but strange that I can't feel the same in K24 in asics shop, even the FlyteFoam of K23 and K24 look the same. Dose K23 really much softer, or just my wrong feeling? Do you think which is better for me? Thank you, Mister~

    3. Hi, you might be able to help me. I need a (mostly) black shoe for a low arch/over pronating foot. That doesn't sound too bad, but I have a size US 5.5 Wide foot. The Kayana 24 black shoe looks fantastic but it's a standard width and the Wide version only comes in purple. Plus everything seems to begin at size 6 lol. Do you know if size 5.5 can be special ordered? Or do you feel these shoes run small? I just need another opinion, would I be better getting a men's shoe if they can be ordered small enough? Thanks if you can help

    4. Hi, I've finally decided to get new shoes! I have been training in very worn out asic gel dc trainer 20s. They have worn out a heap and are stating to hurt my shins! I'm a 400/800 metre runner, it's winter season and we are doing a lot of 1k reps, 600m reps and longer runs. Would this shoe be suitable? I have had kayonos before and they felt very bulky compared to the dc trainer 20