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    Shop the Asics DynaFlyte 2 range from After further testing, we also suggest purchasing a 1/2 size smaller than …



    1. Would you recommend the Dynaflyte 2 over a Pursue 3? Run between 70-100k per week, with a mixture of Threshold, tempo and steady runs. Looking for a nuetral shoe for use with an orthotic. Would you classify the Dynaflyte 2 as a cushioned shoe or more of a lightweight trainer for higher tempo runs?

    2. Hi. I've been training for my first marathon in a pair of Kayano 23 but will likely need to start switching in a new pair because of the mileage (~700km) I've put in on them. Rather than getting the Kayano 24 I was thinking of changing to the Dynaflyte 2 as they're lighter… do you think that would be too much of a change? (Ive a neutral pronation btw) Thanks! SJ