2018 Climbing Shoe Roundup – 40 models


    Nearly all of the climbing shoes coming in 2018, plus a few fall 2017 models. Including, for the first time ever, shoes from Black Diamond and Wild Country.



    1. Sadly, we couldn't do a "jump bar" like our past videos because YouTube no longer supports annotations. If you want to skip around, here are the timings:
      Black Diamond – 0:08
      Boreal – 3:07
      Butora – 4:54
      Evolv – 6:49
      Five Ten – 10:40
      La Sportiva – 12:33
      Mad Rock – 16:23
      Red Chili – 19:55
      Scarpa – 22:09
      Tenaya – 23:49

      We didn't have time to make it to the LOWA booth at the summer show (their booth isn't in the "climbing area" where we spent 99.98% of our time). And, we didn't feature So Ill shoes because they came out mid-2017.

    2. Nice video. It seems like scarpa is looking at Five-Ten. Tenaya is obviously looking at La sportiva (micro adjustment realy?). Wild country shoes are looking horrible to wear but I wonder How the new rubber will do. Otherwise it looks like the solution from la sportiva will get some competition in the future with the x1 from mad rock and the shadow from Black diamond. And it looks like we are getting a ton of new shoes dedicated only for gym use… This is depressing, climbing is ment to go outside, we need all around shoes that we can be used in and out!