10K Race Strategy | 5 Keys to Run Your Best


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    1. very good video with some great advice for all standards. Interesting that you refer to "miles" rather than Ks for a metric distance event. Many 10ks in the Uk are still mile marked. When I ask race organisers why , they say that I am the ONLY one who "complains about it". My current aim (at age 68) is to keep under 50 minutes for 200 10ks (I need another 14) so obviously the maths would be so much easier if the course was K marked….keeping eack K under 5 mins. Simples. Like you reference to warm up which so many seem to ignore and to not needing water which was illegal when i started running anyway! As I start off at even race pace I find running with a "buddy" difficult; no one seems to do even splits. The majority over the second 5K are those running postive 5k spilts and I'm catching them. Several will say "see you when you catch us, Terry!"…so why don't they run with me from the start I wonder.?