100 marathons in 100 days for a cause


Swetha Priyadharshini

Mina Guli, the Australian CEO of the “Thirst for Water” initiative, has set out on a voyage to run 100 marathons in 100 cities in 100 days to create awareness on water conservation. Her journey covers 20 countries and she has run in 17 cities in India in the past 14 days. The 42.2 Km from Thane to the Gateway of India was her last run in India yesterday.

#RunningDry had its first marathon on November 23 in New York, after which Guli covered England, France, Italy, Uzbekistan and the Aral Sea before heading to India. The Hong Kong resident took up running only in her 20s but has completed 40 marathons in the past two years which includes 7 deserts campaign in 2016 and 6 River run in 2017. “I chose to run because I wanted to be as close as I can be to these people,” said Guli. “Running is not my favourite thing. I only run to create awareness,” said the former lawyer and investment banker.

“In 12 years, the demand for water in the world will be greater than supply, not by one or two per cent but by 40 per cent,” said Guli, who has seen severe cases of water scarcity in different countries during her marathons. She also urged that we can save a lot of water by changing our day-to-day behavior. “We learnt that if just everybody in the US alone who learned about our campaign turned off the tap when they brush, we can save 50 million gallons of water in a day,” said Guli.

Guli will be going to Hong Kong today for her next marathon.

Mina Guli runs at Marine Drive yesterday for the #RunningDry initiative

Mina Guli runs at Marine Drive yesterday for the #RunningDry initiative

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