Best Winter Running Shoes – Nike Shield (Pegasus, Free Run & Structure)

In this video, expert runner Phil Nicholls shows us the limited run Nike Shield line of running shoes. The shoes include the Nike Pegasus, Nike Free Run and Nike Structure. source

ENKO running Shoes vs snow

Menouar Benfodda bravant la neige avec ses ENKO running shoes bleues ! Menouar Benfodda braving the snow with his blue ENKO running shoes ! Learn more at : source

Basic Anatomy and Function of the Modern Running Shoe

Dr. Kirby reviews the basic anatomy and function of the modern running shoe, along with their functional purposes. Shoe anatomy features such as the outersole, midsole, upper, toe box, vamp, heel counter, collar,...

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How These 7 Inspirational Runners Overcame Their Body Image Hang-ups

Not having enough confidence can get to the point where it becomes a challenge to stop the self-doubt and paranoia about what other people are thinking. This can also be a factor which stops...


Women Health Supplements – Discover the Truth About Nutrition For Girls

Are women health supplements really necessary? It depends on how old you are and if you're suffering from menopausal symptoms or have PMS.If you do not have menopausal symptoms, PMS or anything like that,...

Top 10 Benefits Of Being Drug-Free

Knowing the Consequences Will Help You Stay AwayYou have probably heard that drugs create a lot of trouble. They can damage the brain, the heart, and other important organs. Drug abusers lose their adequacy...

Amazing Ginger Health Benefits

Ginger is one of the most used spices in the world today. Apart from flavoring food, ginger benefits the body in numerous ways, including enhancing mental performance. Ginger is available...